Getting started

You joined the online war, but what have you enlisted for?

March of War is an online turn-based strategy game that lets you battle with a wide variety of units, in an elaborate online war. You align yourself with a faction to fight your way to world domination. Everything that happens on the World Map is completely decided by a player government.As you progress from battle to battle, you will unlock more units, game modes and AI difficulties.

Where is the tutorial?

You open the tutorial by clicking on the i icon below the World Map. This overlay explains all the different buttons you see on your screen and, most importantly, opens up a short video on how to start a battle. Further tutorial videos can be found on the help page by clicking on the ? icon in the lower right of your screen and selecting the video tab.

How do I start a battle?

After you have made your character you end up on the World Map. On certain territories you’ll see battle pins with a crossed-swords icon. When you click on one of these it will take you to the battle options screen, where you can choose to play either a PvE or PvP match.When you select PvE (the second crossed-swords icon) you can choose your game mode and difficulty. When you select PvP you will be matched against another player.

Why does my tank do no damage to the opponent’s infantry?

You have started your first battle and deployed your units. However, each unit in your army has its particular strengths and weaknesses. When your tank (or any other unit) doesn’t seem to be doing much against infantry, it’s because that unit or attack doesn’t do the right kind of damage. Most tanks will deal anti-armor damage, which is good against vehicles but not infantry. Units with anti-personnel damage would be a better choice against infantry.There are various types of damage your units can do that work well against certain other type of units. Keeping a close eye on the type of damage you do will be the difference between victory and defeat.

Why are there three types of resources?

On the battlefield you will capture points which give you resources with which you can deploy your units and use your Command Cards. The icon of a man stands for Manpower, the gears for Mechanical and the star for Command. Your units will need one or a combination of these to be deployed.

What happens when I gain a level?

By battling you gather experience. As you level up, more features in the game will unlock; such as the different game modes and harder difficulty levels for the AI. Further, you will gain the ability to vote on which player will become Faction Leader.As this is not a role-playing game, your experience isn’t making your units stronger. It’s merely a representation of how much you have played the game.

I want to make a different character. How can I delete my existing one?

On the page where you select which character to play, you will see a Delete button below the green Play button. Pressing this will permanently delete your character. You can delete one character every 24 hours.

Why can’t I delete my character?

You can only delete one character every 24 hours. You will need to wait one full day before you can delete another one. This prevents players from abusing this system.

Can I recover deleted characters?

No, you can’t recover your character once you have deleted it.

What’s the difference between playing through Steam or through the website?

There is almost no difference between playing the game with a Steam account or a March of War account. You have the exact same features and possibilities – the main difference being the manner in which you can buy Gems. If you created an account through Steam, you will have to pay for Gems using your Steam Wallet. If you have a March of War account through our own website you will pay directly with Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Bank Transfer, and various other options depending on your region.The second difference is that Steam players will have access to our Steam Community hub and our regular forum, while other players will only be able to access the forums. However, we always post news in both places.The third difference is that you won’t have to verify your email address as Steam player. You have already proven to Steam that you are a human being. For those of you who play though our own website, we will need you to verify that you have received an email. Please check your spam folder if you can’t find that email. If you haven’t received it, please contact us at

When is the next patched released?

We try to release regular updates with minor fixes and adjustments, and bigger ones with new content. Unfortunately we can’t predict the future, and we can’t guarantee release dates for our patches. Keep an eye on the forums, our blog or social media to get the latest March of War news.

Units and Command Cards

How do I get units?

When you started playing March of War you received the starter units. If you want to buy additional units you need to go to the Army page. Here you will find, divided into categories, the different units you can buy. You can buy all the basic units with Gold or Gems.Some units are not available to buy at first. They appear greyed out in the Army store. This means that you haven’t researched that unit yet. Go to the Research tab to unlock all units for your faction.

What can my units do?

Your units are your army. During the 3D battles you deploy your units to fight with. Each unit has particular strengths and weaknesses. Make sure to deploy to right unit for the right task.

What are secondary abilities?

Most units have a secondary ability, some of which you need to unlock in the Research Tree. These abilities make your units more versatile. A lot of secondary abilities have cooldowns.

What are Command Cards?

Command Cards are special powers you can use only once per card you own. For example, as a commander in the United Republic you can buy a Strafing Run, which allows you to send a pair of planes to bombard your enemy anywhere on the map. It’s fairly cheap to buy, but you can use it only this once.Command Cards always cost Command points to use.

Can I use units from other factions?

No, while playing one faction you will not be able to play with other units. However, you can make more characters should you wish to try out all factions.

Some units aren’t in the research tree. Why is that?

Each faction has a couple of special units that are only sold on the Deals Page. You will not need to unlock these units before you can use them.

Where can I find the stats of my Units?

The Unit card describes briefly what you can expect from your Unit. However, we haven’t released the complete stats. This is because we might decide to slightly adjust the stats to balance the game. In other words, the stats aren’t static but subject to change.On the March of War Wikia you can also find more information about the units.


How can I start a PvP battle?

You can start a PvP battle by clicking the PvP icon on the Territory battle page. This will automatically match you up with another player and the Battle Points you earn will count towards the Territory battle’s outcome.You can also start a PvP match by clicking on the Battle button and selecting Quick Play PvP. You will not be able to select a territory, but your Battle Points will go to the territory where your faction is currently doing the worst.By selecting Custom Game you will be able to set-up a game which will be separate from the World Map. You can invite any player to join you in a Custom Game.

What’s the difference between PvP, Custom Game and Quick Play PvP?

When you play a regular PvP match you will earn Gold, Research, XP and Battle Points, and you will help your faction on the road to victory. When you set-up a Custom PvP game you can choose your opponent, a friend for example, and play a match. You won’t earn anything for this, but you can try out various battle settings, and any combination of factions you like.Quick Play PvP is for when you don’t have to time to consider which territory to fight in. It will automatically assign your Battle Points to the territory where your faction is doing the worst at the moment you start.

Can I choose my own opponent?

No, in regular PvP battles you will automatically be matched against another player. However, should you set up your own game in Custom Battle, you will be able to invite people or list your match publicly for people to join.

Why do I sometimes get matched against someone from another territory, or even a different faction than I picked?

When you start a PvP battle you enter the PvP queue. The system will always attempt to match you up with someone of near equal strength and experience (this is what we call PvP True Rank). Should this prove impossible the system looks for a suitable opponent in other territories or factions. Regardless of who you end up fighting, if you win your Battle Points will be applied to the territory where you started your PvP battle.


What are factions?

The world is torn apart by six factions that continuously wage war with each other. They are each represented with their own color on the world map, and each have their own unique units and play style.

What are Faction Objectives?

On the Faction page you can find which Faction Objectives your Faction currently has. Most objectives involve conquering or defending territories, and when your faction achieves them everyone will get the bonus specified in the Objective description.

Something is wrong with our Faction Objective. What do I do?

Hit F3 and send us a Community support ticket. We will give your faction new objective as quickly as possible.

My units seem at a disadvantage against some other factions. Why is that?

We have designed each Faction to have a particular play style, which means you may have an advantage or disadvantage against certain other Factions in certain situations. The Latin Junta for example is infantry heavy, which means it can be vulnerable to the Empire’s many fire and melee attacks. However, if you make smart use of your longer range units or artillery, you can negate this weakness. Don’t assume you can use the same strategy against every Faction, and you will be fine.

Why do factions own territory?

Lead by the Faction Leader and High Command, each faction attempts to conquer all territories and achieve world domination. The territories are a visual representation of this war.

Why can I only fight in certain territories?

The Faction Leader and High Command of your faction vote for which territories to attack. At any given time your faction can have three offensive fronts. As each faction can have three offensive fronts, you can have as many as thirty defensive fronts in the most extreme situation (if every other faction attacks yours and you are fighting uprisings in every other faction’s home territories). This has never happened so far, but Factions that become really large will need to deal with a lot of different fronts at the same time.Sometimes the High Command will tell you where they wish you to fight. However, it’s up to you whether to fall in line or ignore their orders.

What happens if my faction has no territories left?

The war is not over once your faction loses all its territories. You and your fellow commanders will automatically start uprisings in your homelands (three special regions from among your initial territories).

Why do some factions seem to need fewer battles to win a territory than others?

With six different factions there is no way for us to ensure that each faction has an equal amount of players. To keep things fair we balance things out in the territory battles. So if a big faction like the European Alliance goes up against a small one like the Latin Junta, one battle won by the Junta is equal to let’s say ten battles of the European Alliance (these numbers are not correct, but simply for the sake of argument). Each time a territory battle starts the amount of active players in each faction is counted, and based on that it’s determined how many Battle Points each faction will need to win the battle.


Who is my Faction Leader?

This is a fellow player who has won the elections. Every two weeks the players of each faction can vote for another player they would like to see as Faction Leader. The winner of the election will receive two special powers: Hate Speech and Peace Treaty. They will also take a seat in the High Command.

What is the High Command?

The High Command is formed by the top 30 active players of the Faction and the Faction Leader. This player government decides which territories the faction attacks. Each HC member can cast their vote on the territory they wish to attack, and fronts will open on the territories with most votes.

What is a Peace Treaty?

The Peace Treaty is an exclusive power for the Faction Leaders. They can activate the power, which means offering peace to another faction. If the Faction Leader of the other faction accepts, all fronts between the two factions will be closed and no new fronts will be opened for the duration of the Peace Treaty, which is seven days. The Peace Treaty has a cooldown of ten days.

What is a Hate Speech?

The Hate Speech is an exclusive power for the Faction Leaders. When they activate this power your faction will receive a 10% Battle Points boost when fighting the faction the Hate Speech was directed towards. The boost only lasts for the duration of the power, which is three days. Hate Speech has a cooldown of five days.

My Faction Leader and the High Command tell us that we are only allowed to attack certain territories. Why is that?

The Faction Leader and High Command together determine the politics of the faction. In other words, these are the players that broker peace with other factions, or start wars. They attempt to set out the best possible course for the faction, amidst a political minefield.If you wish to further your faction’s goals, listening to the High Command’s directions is a good place to start. However, you are in no way obligated to follow their orders. It’s up to you!

What are rogue votes?

The Faction Leader and the High Command are charged with the responsibility to lead their faction. However, as these are all players and thus human beings, they tend to disagree. This often results in so-called rogue votes, or rogue HC members. These players don’t agree with the direction the Faction Leader and some other HC member wish to take, and purposefully attempt to sow discord in the faction by trying to open ‘unwanted’ fronts.These rogue players can be HC members that simply haven’t paid attention, people actively trying to steer the faction in a different direction, or even spies from another faction. 

Battle Groups

How do I join a Battle Group?

After you have played a few battles you may wish to join a Battle Group to play co-op or to simply find like-minded people within your faction. When you go to the Battle Group page you can browse through the list of Battle Groups available in your faction and simply click the Join button to request an invitation. The leader of that Battle Group will decide if you can join or not.

How can I leave a Battle Group?

If you wish to leave your Battle Group you have to go to the Battle Group page and click the Leave button.

Can I start my own Battle Group?

Yes, you can easily start your own Battle Group by clicking on the Create button on the Battle Group page. Please note that you can’t create a new Battle Group if you are already in one.

Why should I join a Battle Group?

Playing co-op on the World Map is only possible with someone from your Battle Group. Other than that the Battle Group doesn’t give any added gameplay bonuses. However, there are many other reasons why you might want to join. You and your friends will get a private Battle Group chat. We also keep track of the ranking in between Battle Groups to show which gathers the most Battle Points for their faction.


What can I buy in the March of War?

Units, Command Cards, Research, avatar items, skins, boosts, character slots and battle slots. All units and consumables can be bought for gold or gems. Be sure to keep an eye on the deals page for special offers.

Is March of War really Free To Play?

Yes, March of War is designed for players to experience the complete game without having to spend any money. All basic Units and Command Cards are available for resources you earn through the battles you play. With Gems you can more quickly unlock all the units and buy them, but the trade-off is that you won’t have as much experience playing the game as many other players will have.

How do I earn Research and Gold?

For each battle you play you will receive Gold and Research, even if you lose. Depending on the game mode and difficulty level you select, you will receive a set amount of Gold and Research. This amount can increase if you activate a boost, or if your faction has received a boost from a Faction Objective.

What can I buy with Gems?

Units, Command Cards, Avatar Items, Boosts, Deals, Character Slots, Battle Slots and you can unlock your tech tree with Gems. However, Gems cannot in any way be earned in the game; you can only buy them in the Gem store using your Steam Wallet, Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, bank transfer, or localized payment method.

What can I buy on the Deals page?

When you open your Army page the first thing you see are the Deals. These packs offer you a special price and can contain Units, Command Cards, Character Slots, or Battle Slots. We offer Daily Deals, Special Deals on the weekend, Starter Packs and Chance Packs. The latter are often a bit cheaper as you won’t know what you are buying. The content is random.

I play through Steam. How do I get Gems?

By going to the Gem store on the Army page. The store is automatically connected to your Steam wallet. Should you have insufficient funds to buy the Gem pack you want, you will see a pop-up that allows you to immediately fill up your wallet.

I play through the March of War website. How do I get Gems?

By going to the Gem store on the Army page. You can select which pack you want to buy and pay immediately with Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, bank transfer, or localized payment method.

Some deals I can only buy once. Why is that?

Certain deals are intended for starting players, offer particularly rare units, or are simply very good value for money. These sorts of deals can only be purchased once.

I encountered a problem with payment, what do I do?

The quickest way to resolve any issues you encounter is to contact us immediately. You can send a payment support ticket by pressing F3, or email us directly at


How do I get in touch with March of War support?

That’s easy! Whenever you run into any kind of issue, be it a bug, something with your account, payment issues, or with another player, you can press F3 to send us a support ticket. Should you be unable to do this, you can also email us directly at note that when you send us a Technical or Gameplay support ticket, we will only contact you should we need more information.

I sent a ticket, but never received a reply. What happened?

If your report concerns a technical or gameplay issue, we will only contact you should we need additional information due to the number of reports we receive. If you have any further questions about your ticket, it’s best to email us at

Where do I report bugs?

You can report a bug directly from the game by pressing F3. This brings up a form that allows you to describe the bug and send it to us, including an automatically made screenshot and the log from your game.It’s also possible to report bugs on the Forum.

Where can I find a list of Known Bugs?

We keep a detailed list of all the known bugs, and recently resolved bugs on the forum and on our Steam page.

I have a problem with my account. What can I do to have it resolved quickly?

Send us a ticket using F3 and select Account. This will ensure your ticket gets dealt with quickly. You can also contact us directly at

Other players have crossed the line of decency. What do I do?

Send us a ticket using F3 and select Community. This will ensure your ticket gets dealt with quickly. You can also contact us directly at

I can’t log in to send a ticket. What do I do?

You can always send us an email at

I want to delete my account. How do I arrange that?

Please send us an Account ticket, or an email at We will remove your account.
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